Committees and Topics

General Assembly Plenary [GA]

1. Strengthening International Legal Frameworks Regarding Non-State Actors And Conflict

2. Delivering As One: Developing a More Integrated UN Approach to Achieve Common Goals Within State and Regional Borders

3. Security Council Reform

[Background Guide - General Assembly Plenary]

Economic and Social Council [ECOSOC]

1. Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict

2. Strengthening the Coordination of Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Assistance, Including Special Economic Assistance

[Background Guide - Economic and Social Council]

Human Rights Council [HRC]

1. Reinvigorating the Human Rights Council

2. Human Rights in Conflict and Post-Conflict Zones

[Background Guide - Human Rights Council]

Security Council [SC] and Reformed Security Council [RSC]

1. Protracted Conflicts in the GUAM Area and their Implications for International Peace, Security and Development

2. Review of SC Resolution 1325

[Background Guide - Security Council]

[Background Guide - Reformed Security Council]